Talks & Events

A talk, a speech, or a meeting can in an exchange of a gaze, a word sometimes totally change our views and create insight. In a time where we live in such a flow of truths, news, stories, feeds, and images around us it is easy to get lost. We believe that when we hold space to share, we listen more gently, and new visions can grow.


Be Enough – Workshop!

On the last day of this month, we are thrilled to have Peace Bringer, Life Coach and just very wise Bijan Anand with us for the first in a series of workshops and talks. As he himself put it, to talk about something extremely important in this world today: Not being good enough. I think we are many who wish we or other dear people around us could feel just Enough.

Contributor: Bijan Anand
Price: €30 

Friday 31st of May 18.30 - 20.30
2 hrs

Workshop med Kajsa Ingemarsson

Under den här helgen kommer vi tillsammans att utforska hur vägen mot ett magiskt liv ser ut. På vilket sätt kan vi styra oss mot upplevelser av mening, inre rikedom och frid?

Med utgångspunkt från boken 12 nycklar till ett magiskt liv fördjupar vi förståelsen av innehållet och hur det kan tillämpas i vardagen. Undervisning varvas med drömarbete, guidade meditationer och praktiska övningar.

Pris: 375 euro inkl. fika och frukt. Bokning via Sarah Elfvin eller +34674 085 065

Helg 25-27 okt
2 days

Conscious Hikes

Follow us up to and into the stunningly beautiful Tramuntana. Once a month we gather the troops and go exploring. Never too rough or too long – these hikes are about enjoying and being in nature. For part of the hike, we walk in silence and when we find a good spot we take time for a short meditation.


Teachers: Patric Soderblom, Sarah Elfvin
Several hours