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Sarah & Patric have been a couple since the mid-90s. Sarah brought culture on a totally new level into Patric´s life and took him to a world deeper and more fun than he could ever have imagined. He brought endless optimism and a lot of laughter into hers. Together they have worked with dancers, performers, athletes, yogis, royalties, astronauts and some normal people too. They have moved with their fabulous children and dog to Mallorca twice(!), started several clinics & studios in both Stockholm and Palma and spent a lot of their lives thinking about and digging into how to live their life in balance.

Meet the teachers

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Andrea Helene

Beginning in 1998 Andrea taught Meisner technique at Playhouse West in Los Angeles, the original home of Sanford Meisner’s classes. Andrea has taught Meisner as well as on-camera work at LA Actors Center and at James Franco’s Studio 4. Fluent in German and with a love of travel, she has also guided actors of the Prague Playhouse, Berlin’s Actor’s Space, Munich’s Schauspielschule Zerboni and Portland’s Sowelu Theater. Three words to describe Andrea’s passion for drama: Intense, Organic & Honest

Anja Kleener

Anja Kleener is a Danish abstract artist, who settled in Mallorca in 2004. “In my artwork, I seek to re-balance the old and the new, along with a dose of positive visual storytelling.” Anja has been teaching art workshops since 2015 – always with an open & playful approach. Three words to describe Anja’s passion for Art: Experimenting, Playful & Open

Anna Carlsson

“I was taught the Vipassana meditation by Buddhist monks in Thailand whilst living there for five years. To be taught this constructive silence really changed my life. Back in Europe, I continued my journey with Yoga 300h (Tantra Yoga Lineage) as well as Reiki level 1 and 2. I welcome you to join my passion for silence. Three words to describe my passion for Yoga and Meditation: Self Love, Presence and not believing everything you think and feel.”

Camilla Martinez Mares

“I have practised yoga since my early teens – always returning to my practice with a feeling of “coming home”. That is also a feeling I aim for you to experience in my classes. I have completed an ISHTA 200 hr Yoga Alliance teacher training and Reiki training with Michelle Baker.” Three words to describe my passion for yoga: Continuously Unfolding, Nourishing, Lifelong”

Jen Johnson

I view yoga as a continuous space to feel, fall, learn, transition, heal and come alive. I am a registered teacher educator with the Yoga Alliance 500ERYT, having received a 200-hour teacher certification from Tiffany Cruikshank/ Yoga Medicine and completed a 300-hour teacher training with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein. Three words to describe my passion for my subject: To inspire, empathize and explore where we are and can be

Jil Moore

“My vision is to create a space for reconnections and self-acceptance in all forms. I have completed the 500 RYT YA Teacher Training and I am a Children’s yoga teacher. Besides bringing peace into people’s lives through yoga, I love to connect with nature and dance. Three words that describe my passion for yoga Home, Peace, Balance”

Lorena del Moral Castillo

Watercolour Painting
“I am a self-taught artist inspired by the elements of nature. Through observation, simplicity and beauty, I offer you a gentle approach to the watercolour technique. Three words to describe my passion for Art: Colour, Flow and Unpredictability.”

Lottie Joy

Lottie began her yoga adventure in 2019, after spending a lifetime in the theatre. Still performing as a professional dancer and acrobat, Lottie combines her creative touch and anatomical knowledge with the yoga styles of Vinyasa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. When not on the mat, Lottie can be found upside-down, with the fairies or both. Three words to describe my passion for Yoga: “Joy, Freedom, Magic”

Maria Roca Parés

“My way of teaching is based on free expression. I love watching my students touching the clay, feeling the material, feeling nature, and letting them escape the quotidian routine. It is a way to reconnect with your spiritual self through the handwork of clay. It demonstrates how you can reawaken your connection to the earth. Three words to describe my passion for Ceramics: Freedom, Strength in Vulnerability, Presence”

Patric Soderblom

A Naprapath who after many years of specialising in working with dancers and other stage performers really enjoys the process behind that what we as an audience get to see. Balance is a keyword in the big recipe of life and nature is the best place to go to find it.

Sarah Elfvin

“For me, practice is like a profound friendship, it moves and evolves. Just like our practice changes over time, the practice also changes us. The more we invite practice, the more we trust the process and knowledge. It makes us move with grace; trusting that we are pieces in a bigger universal puzzle. Sarah is a life equilibrist who rarely stays within her comfort zone. Movement and yoga became part of her life early and she studies various styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Ayurvedic medicine. She has been an ISHTA Yoga Master for years and holds a 500+ hrs Certificate. Three words why I love yoga: Recognise, Reverence, Rebel!”

Victor Abad

“I encourage learning with curiosity and attention to the creative act that happens during practice. I started teaching design workshops while graduating from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (NL) with a Bachelor’s in Art and Design. I have developed part of educative programs for seniors, adults and kids alike. Online and in person, I have taught students from kindergarten to university. Three words to describe my passion for Art: Opportunity, Passion, Exploration”

Virginia Massagué Horta

“I graduated in Art History from the University of Barcelona and trained in Granada as a restorer of ceramic elements and archaeological pottery. Clay has been my passion and work since I was a young girl and I have a studio at Lafiore. My way of teaching is based on freedom of expression. I like to give guidelines and technical bases so that each student develops their own creativity and expression. Three words to describe my passion for Pottery: Creativity, Connection, Freedom”